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The loan with a negative interest rate is freely usable and can be applied for by borrowers with very good credit ratings. In a credit comparison, you will find the best deal. Often an online loan is applied for faster and offers better conditions. However, this type of lending via credit intermediaries and comparison portals is only a few years old in its present form. It should be optimally tailored to personal needs – and cost as little as possible.

Online credit with instant confirmation – For quick completion!

Online credit with instant confirmation - For quick completion!

Especially in daily emergencies, it is worthwhile for many consumers to get a loan over the net. The current account can also be balanced with an online loan. In most cases, however, online loans are given away with no immediate purpose and used, for example, to compensate for electricity price increases or increased living costs, which usually only have an impact on the financial budgets of private individuals and relatives after a few years.

All financings applied for and completed online are, by definition, a category of online loans. Incidentally, a decisive competitive advantage over conventional bonds. By means of a clear online credit comparison several offers can be checked at the same time. Stationarily, you would first have to go to all credit institutions in your area and then go through a reconciliation.

That makes it something very special, especially the use of Postident. This is the identification procedure of DudeGorg, which gives the lender the certainty that they will only grant an online loan to German borrowers or those based in the Federal Republic of Germany. Online loans have spread rapidly, especially over the past five years.

In 2008, only a percentage of participants in a survey of the Association of German Bank Associations stated that they had taken out an online loan, which was at least 10 times higher in 2014. The credit brokerage platform is geared exclusively towards providing online loans and is one of the few providers to provide comprehensive statistical data.

The number of loan applications is not specified. On the website of Creditkoy you will find only the amount of loan applications. Between 26 December 2014 and 25 January 2015, 11,274 USD were applied for from the credit broker and 10,434 USD were approved. Almost 95 percent of the positive confirmations for credit reports were based on a credit bureau inquiry.

Currently, the company has approximately 27,000 registered customers, consisting of approximately 7,000 borrowers and 20,000 investors. Accordingly, the use of the credit offer of this provider is slightly lower than the Creditkoy company. If you get a loan and have repaid it without difficulty, you can expect much greater odds of winning.

The number of loans granted in the past 30 days is not specified by SmartCreditend. The on-line loan with immediate confirmation can usually be taken up in five stages, provided that all documents are available and the applicant has sufficient creditworthiness. In the following, the individual steps from the application for an online loan to the distribution are listed in tabular form:

Depending on the particular house bank, it may take a little more time until the loan contract is finally closed and the loan is in the borrower’s account. But again, the process is particularly quick, as all documents are readily available at the time of application and then during the post-identification process.

The online loan providers are diverse.

The online loan providers are diverse.

Brokers, banking institutions and free credit portals offer a wide range of particularly strong trade in recent years. More than 90 percent of credit institutions in the Federal Republic alone are also involved in the network.

One of the most reputable providers in the domestic market: In addition, there are a large number of other credit providers, both in the form of well-known banks such as the Bajure, DundesBank and the Post, which, however, in contrast to the above-mentioned direct banks and credit brokers increasingly to specialize in the placement of offers on the Internet, especially aimed at granting stationary loans.

The figure above also shows a ranking of the most popular online loan providers published by us in 2014. The total number of points in the curve can be divided into a scale of 0 to 100. The loan comparison calculator researches the best conditions for every purpose.

As a borrower, you only have to provide some information and then submit the preliminary loan application online to the commission agent. As a rule, they then automatically forward the order to the relevant institute or look for loans from other banks suitable for the applicant. The documents, information and documents required for the loan reconciliation and the complete completion of the loan application are included:

Depending on the loan provider for online loans, additional information and, if necessary, a security must be provided if no credit information is to be provided, for example for time or cost reasons.

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