A Japanese approach that changes the way you do laundry

Good design not only introduces visually pleasing aesthetics, but improves functionality and user experience. Great design, however, completely transforms routines and lifestyles.

When it comes to its latest washer-dryers, Hitachi has taken inspiration from the Japanese design philosophy of subtraction to reveal a new laundry companion – the Hitachi Linear Smart BD-D120XGV washer-dryer.

“An important feature of Hitachi’s design is simplicity; we seek to keep unnecessary items to a minimum,” said Mr. Atsushi Ishibashi, who designed the BD-D120XGV together with Mr. Masato Ninomiya. “When I looked at pictures of washing machines, I had the impression that they did not match the interior decoration. This discovery was the start of our design project.

The end product is a sleek, minimalist accessory that pairs cleverly with contemporary furnishings. A glass touchscreen makes operation easy while discreet interior lighting and a wide door opening make your laundry activities easier.

Beyond the sleek look, the two designers also had to incorporate new technologies into the machine, such as Hitachi’s Wind Iron technology. “Putting this into a small body involved a lot of technical difficulty, but the result was spectacular,” Mr. Ishibashi shared.

Using Wind Iron technology, a powerful jet fan with high airflow speeds of up to 270 km per hour effectively spreads clothes against the large drum to eliminate wrinkles. This means you get dry, wrinkle-free clothes that you can wear straight out of the device. The technology has the most pronounced effect on small loads of 1kg to 3kg, and even makes towels fluffier as they dry, says Hitachi.


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