AGAE Pilot Plants Prove Breakthroughs in Rhamnolipid Production

AGAE’s rhamnolipid products have been independently tested by third-party laboratories, which have confirmed the shelf life, quality, safety and efficacy of its products to be equal to or better than those of leading brands. . AGAE’s rhamnolipid products have a wide range of potential applications including as household cleaners, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, degreasers, bioremediation, oil reservoir cleaning and enhanced oil recovery, adjuvants and formulations of biofungicides and biofertilizers, among others. Apart from their wide applications, the products’ green credentials ensure that they are safe, healthy and beneficial to the environment.

About AGAE Technologies, LLC

AGAE is dedicated to manufacturing and providing our customers with the finest rhamnolipid products available. AGAE founder Xihou Yin started the company in 2010 to develop all aspects of rhamnolipid technologies necessary to bring this most important, highly studied and widely characterized biosurfactant to market. Yin is a molecular geneticist, microbiologist and chemist specializing in natural products. He and the rest of the AGAE team have, through their persistent efforts, achieved several important breakthroughs in rhamnolipid production technologies. AGAE firmly believes that rhamnolipids will gradually replace a significant portion of petroleum-derived, chemically synthesized and even plant-based surfactants. Scientific evidence from over 75 years of study fully supports the use of rhamnolipids, which are among the best known and most widely applicable biosurfactants that are safe for humans and the environment.

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SOURCEAgae Technologies, LLC

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