April 19, 2022 Call to Order President – Mitchell Republic

April 19, 2022 CALL TO ORDER Chairman Bode called the regular meeting of the Davison County Board of Commissioners to 9:00 a.m. All council members were present. Auditor Kiepke was also present. PLEDGE The pledge of allegiance was led by President Bode. APPROVE AGENDA Motion by Claggett, seconded by Kiner to approve the agenda for the April 19, 2022 meeting. All members voted yes. Motion carried. APPROVE MINUTES Moved by Claggett, seconded by Reider to approve the minutes of the April 12, 2022 meeting. All members voted yes. Motion carried. SUSPENSION OF COUNCIL OF COMMISSIONERS/RECALL OF ADJUSTMENT BOARD At 9:15 am motion by Kiner, seconded by Claggett to suspend the Board of Commissioners and reconvene the Board of Adjustment. All members voted yes. Motion carried. ADJOURNMENT OF ADJUSTMENT COUNCIL/RECALL OF COMMISSIONERS At 10:18 am, motion by Weitala, seconded by Reider, to adjourn the Council of Adjustment and reconvene the Council of Commissioners. All members voted yes. Motion carried. APPROVE ABATEMENT Motion by Reider, seconded by Kiner to approve the following abatement. All members voted yes. Motion carried. Purchased by Exempt Entity City of Mitchell, Lot 4, Blk 3, Railroad Addn, Mitchell, Davison County, SD – $1,038.08. APPROVE TIME SHEETS Motion by Weitala, seconded by Reider to authorize the President to sign time sheets for managers as a supervisor. All members voted yes. Motion carried. APPROVE PURCHASE At the request of Rang Physical Plant Manager, Reider’s motion, seconded by Claggett to approve the purchase of approximately $1,200-$1,400 of hydraulic fluid for the Security Building elevator public. All members voted yes. Motion carried. APPROVE INVOICES Motion by Weitala, seconded by Claggett to approve the following invoices for payment. All members voted yes. Motion carried. GENERAL FUND: ELECT: Maint Cont/Election Systems & Software-10,750.00 Supplies/McLeod’s Printing-26.97; JUD: Prof Fees/Stephanie Moen & Assoc-377.20 Interpreter Fee/Intl Certified Languages-95.70 Interprecorpts-332.42 Jury Fee/Jurors-474.36; AUD: Supplies/McLeod’s Printing-44.97; TREAS: Supplies/First Dakota Nat’l Bank-20.00; CRT APPTED ATTY: Public Def Exp/Alvine Law Firm-22.50; PUB SFTY BLDG: Supplies/Jones Supplies-20.25 Menards-11.96 Pest Control/Premier Pest Control-80.00 Elevator Service/Schumacher Elevator-426.24 Buildings/Direct Digital Control-20,865.00 Menards-166.84 Minor Equip/Jones Supplies-799.00; CRTHOUSE: Repairs and Maintenance/Operating Supplies-59.24 Supplies/Menards-117.26 Pest Control/Prime Pest Control-50.00; ROD: Rentals/Admin Office-32.58 Microfilm Imaging Sys-470.00 Wells Fargo Bank-240.00 Microfilm Supplies/Admin Office-98.20; OFC NORTH: Repairs/Menards-154.00 Pest Control/First Pest Control-50.00; COORD: Copy Mach Maint/Century Business Products-150.67; SHERIFF: Prof Serv/Deluxe-78.49 Radio & Equipment Repair/B&L Communications-1,347.85 Oil Changes/TMA-58.53 Car Wash/Mega Wash-60.00 Office Supplies/Innovative Office-706.64 Field Supplies/Advance Auto Parts-32.02 Wholesale Electronics- 62.64 Training/Axon Enterprise-375.00 Prisoner Transport/Pennington Co Jail-115.20 Minor Equipment/Jack’s Uniforms-43.94 Software Services/Tritech Software Sys-36.58; PRISON: Medicine/Avera Queen of Peace Hosp-4,236.33 Lewis Drug Stores-5,034.35 Mitchell Regional Ambulance-795.00 Equipment Repair/Jones Supplies-105.46 Jail Supplies/Bob Barker Co-79.50 Jones Supplies -681.40 Lewis Drug Stores-321.94 McKesson Medical-412.16 Laundry Supplies/Jones Supplies-171.00 Oth Co Jail Bd/Lake Co Sheriff’s Ofc-480.00 Prisoner Food/Summit Food Service-5,315.80 Water Softener/Darrington Water -49.00 Contracts/Transportation of medical waste-197.80; JUV DET: Medicine/Minnehaha Co Regional-137.56 Detention/Minnehaha Co Regional-7,967.00; MENTAL ILLNESS: Committals/Douglas Papendick-303.00 Hearings/Avera Medical Group-1,372.10 Yankton Sheriff’s Ofc-50.00; FAIR: Repairs and Maintenance/Menards-162.95 Pest Control/Premier Pest Control-50.00; HIWAY: Repairs and Maintenance/Dockendorf Equipment-342.25 Supplies and Materials/Access Systems-50.57 CHS Farmers Alliance-15.00 Utilities/Northwestern Energy-3,207.26 Machinery/C&B Operations-68,487 .59; EMG MGMT: Utilities/Northwestern Energy-85.60; LIABILITIES: Fair Dmg Dep Ret/Alejandro Vaca-Cruz-200.00; M&P: M&P Due Oth Co-SDACO M&P-638.00 IN EXECUTIVE SESSION At 10:31 a.m. Weitala motion, seconded by Claggett to move into executive session to discuss personnel in accordance with SDCL 1-25-2, as requested by Human Resources Director Meaney . All members voted yes. Motion carried. EXCUSED COMMISSIONER Chairman Bode excused Commissioner Reider at 11:49 am OUT OF EXECUTIVE SESSION At 12:05 pm, motion by Claggett, seconded by Kiner to exit the executive session. All members present voted yes. Motion carried. APPROVE 2022 DAVISON COUNTY EMPLOYEE SALARY ADJUSTMENTS After analyzing the data provided and information received, Davison County continues to be highly competitive in terms of salaries. The following salary adjustments are approved to maintain this status. This will complete the first part of this process. The costs associated with this segment are $82,389 plus the 2.5% + $0.50 increase which equates to a budget increase of $199,574, for a total salary cost increase of $281,963 for 2022. Pursuant to SDCL 6-1-10, motion by Weitala, seconded by Claggett to approve and publish the following salary adjustments effective April 16, 2022. A recorded vote was taken as follows: Weitala – aye, Reider – absent, Kiner – aye, Claggett – aye, Bode – aye. Motion carried. Note Salary figures do not include longevity that may be due to certain employees or introductory raises that may be earned. Salaries for department supervisors are pro-rated based on the period worked throughout the fiscal year. Department Supervisors – Physical Plant Manager Joel Rang – $62,982.40; Director of Equalization Karla Love – $58,115.20; Superintendent of Highways Russel Weinberg – $75,379.20. Office of the Employee Auditor – Karen Knadle – $26.50; James Matthews – $20.31 Treasurer’s Office – Tonya Ford – $21.53; Rachel Soulek – $19.57 States Attorney – Jill Lux – $23.18; Angie Larson – $19.68 Maintenance Department – Robert Love Jr – $20.31, Robert Faas – $20.31 Director of Equalization – Carla Wittstruck – $21.53; Jared Olsen – $20.31; Robin Dutt – $18.08 Register of Deeds – Danna Kolbeck – $21.53; Bridgett Nelson – $19.96 Veterans Duty Officer – Craig Bennett – $23.72 Highway Department – Andrea Horton – $20.45; Steve Groseth – $26.40; Rueben Sonne – $23.55; Kevin Geidel – $25.25; Clayton Wells – $23.25; Tyler Decker – $20.31; Christopher DeBoer – $20.31; Brian Grambihler – $20.31; Scott Wengler – $19.81; Jack Sorenson – $20.31; Tyler Page – $20.31; Gerald Koch – $17.05 Social Intake Administrative Assistant / 4-H Youth Counselor Assistant – Christine Norwick – $17.58 County Health Nurse – Angela Seitz – $18.98 WIC – Danielle Radel – $18.98 Sheriff’s Office -Jacob Verry – $24.00; Trestin Jerke – $22.75; Kyle Bice – $22.75; Grissom Dawn – $22.95; Grace Murphy – $23.09 Jail – Lance Bryant – $20.31; Tim Carson – $22.68; Misty Hicks-McDaniel-$20.71; Marco Mora-$22.00; Kyelle Herrick – $20.71; Melinda Harmelink – $20.71; Brett Costello – $20.71; Shawn Jerke – $22.00; Ashley Schulz – $19.81; Lynn Smith – $22.50; Tyler Bier – $20.31; Cheryl Buenning – $19.81; Mackenzie Cobb – $19.81; Christine Diede – $19.81; Trevor Harms – $19.81; Matthew Huber – $20.31; Haley Renberg – $20.31; Marlyn Tollefson – $19.81; Part Time – Trina Frey – $17.05; Cinthya Rocha Ramirez – $19.81; Marcus Bruce – $19.81; Mychal Deas – $19.81; Nathan Newton – $20.31; Abby Perez – $20.31; Dominick Warmbein – $19.81; Trevor Wilkinson – $19.81; Mark Zard-$19.81 APPROVE RESOLUTION TO INCREASE TREASURER SALARY FOR 2022 Motion by Claggett, seconded by Kiner to pass the following resolution, which approves a salary adjustment for the next elected official. A roll call vote was taken as follows: Kiner – aye, Reider – absent, Claggett – aye, Weitala – aye, Bode – aye. Motion carried. Resolution #04192022-01 Increase in Treasurer’s Salary WHEREAS, SDCL 7-7-9.1 provides that the County Board of Commissioners shall establish, by resolution, the salary payable to the County Treasurer; and WHEREAS the County Board of Commissioners has determined that the current salary of the Davison County Treasurer should be increased. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the salary of Davison County Treasurer David Beintema be increased effective April 16, 2022 to $58,115.20 per year. Dated at Mitchell, South Dakota, this April 19, 2022. ____________ Davison County Commission Chairman Brenda Bode CERTIFICATE: ____________ Susan Kiepke, Auditor RE-HIRE EMPLOYEE At the request of Corrections Administrator Radel, motion to Weitala, backed by Claggett to rehire Travis Sedlmeier as a full-time correctional officer at the rate of $19.81 effective April 25, 2022, with the possibility of a $0.50 salary increase upon successful completion of a period six-month probation. All members present voted yes. Motion carried. ADJOURNMENT At 12:12 p.m., Chairman Bode adjourned the meeting and fixed the next regular meeting of the Council of Commissioners for April 26, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. CERTIFICATE ____________ Susan Kiepke, Auditor ____________ Brenda Bode, President Issued once at an approximate total cost of $96.58 (April 27, 2022) 55771

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