Bespoke Samsung washer and dryer have the blues

Walk into the appliance section of any big box store and you’d think we live in a completely monochromatic world where our only viable options are stainless steel, black, or white. It’s puzzling, noting that homes of past generations were filled with color until the 1980s before brushed, stainless steel transcended its utilitarian-luxe origins to become a stuffy norm. Which makes it rather refreshing to see Samsung Seriously try to appeal to recent trends inviting more color into the foyer of the house, starting with the kitchen.

That same blandness has long limited options in the laundry room, a utilitarian space that’s only just beginning to receive tentative attention beyond mere practical functionality. Don’t believe us? Just take to Pinterest and search for “laundry room,” then browse the variety of elegantly appointed spaces designed for washing and flexible folding.

What makes Samsung’s latest foray a calculated attempt to tastefully inject color without pushing boundaries? too far into the realm of the brand’s bolder and delightfully brighter panel options that have breathed new life into their refrigerators (now bring us those greens and yellows!).

Detail of the center washer and dryer dial, positioned for easy access control.

The custom 5.3 cu. The ultra-capacity 5.4 cu.

The Samsung Custom AI Laundry The washer and dryer pair is still available in perfectly tasteful silver steel and chic brushed black. But just as Apple wowed and wooed us recently with the unveiling of their latest moody indigo-tinged Midnight finish on the new MacBook Air, Samsung’s Brushed Navy is the shade that most impresses laundry room update dreams.

Brushed silver washer and dryer stacked vertically in a small laundry room closet.

While brushed navy is our preferred option, silver steel is almost as good looking and subjectively a better aesthetic fit for certain settings where adding color isn’t a preference.

Whichever option you choose, the tandem can be placed side-by-side or stacked to optimize space, with the option of tilting according to preference or need. It’s certainly not an option we can imagine with our legacy pair of Kenmore washer and dryer units that probably appeared long before such setups were common and the use (or ingestion) of coffee pods. detergent becomes a thing.

Side by side stainless steel washer and dryer surrounded by green laundry cabinets

Samsung says its bespoke AI is particularly good at determining which cycle selections best match the contents of its load, adjusting detergent and wash cycles based on detected soil levels and fabric types; detergent and fabric softener are stored in the washer and dispensed as needed, an anti-clutter detail. We haven’t had a chance to test their claims of AI cleaning acumen just yet, but Samsung has at least made the case that it’s okay to mix your whites and blues in the laundry room when it comes to industrial design and the home.

The bespoke AI Ultra Capacity front-loading electric washer and dryer in brushed navy blue (and black or brushed silver steel) is available to order on

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