Best Value Household Durable Goods Stocks To Buy In 2022

The term durable goods refers to products that have a high degree of permanence and durability. These are items that people buy once, use for a long time, and don’t need to be replaced frequently. As such, the durable goods market is less volatile than other types of markets, such as the technology sector or even the apparel industry. These companies make products like refrigerators, washing machines, furniture and telephones. Durable goods stocks tend to be much less volatile than other stock classes, as investors are generally less concerned that new patterns will render current versions obsolete. In other words, these companies sell products with a longer life cycle, which is why you won’t see much turnover among household durable goods stocks.

Whirlpool Corp.

Whirlpool Corp. is one of the best known names in the household durable goods industry. In fact, the company makes products in just about every category, including apparel, appliances, and air conditioners. Although Whirlpool is best known for its refrigerators, it also manufactures washers, dryers and water heaters. As an investor, you gain exposure to multiple growth sectors with a single security. In addition to selling high-end appliances, Whirlpool also makes laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and other cleaning products. The company is a blue chip stock that has been in business for over 100 years.

General Electricity Company.

GE is one of the largest and most diversified companies in the world, with several household durable goods subsectors. The Company’s Appliances segment manufactures refrigerators, washers and dryers, while its Lighting segment sells light bulbs and other home lighting products. GE’s Home segment is responsible for GE’s security and smart home offerings, including appliances, alarms and other related technologies. The company also makes fans, which are technically not durable household goods, but they are durable nonetheless! GE’s appliance segment is particularly strong right now, thanks to the company’s acquisition of Electrolux. The deal has been valued at $3.2 billion and will make GE the dominant force in home appliances. GE’s share price has seen volatility since the start of the year, but the company remains a worthy investment in household durable goods.

Frigidaire Co. LLC

Frigidaire is another durable household goods company with products in just about every category. One of the company’s most popular categories is floor care, which includes vacuums, mops and other cleaning products. Frigidaire also sells air conditioners, furnaces, dehumidifiers, water heaters and washing machines. These are some of the best sellers in the business, and Frigidaire has a pretty high market share in each of these categories. Frigidaire is a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corp., so it benefits from the strength of its parent company. In fact, the two companies share R&D and other assets. Frigidaire also has a significant footprint in China, which is an often overlooked market in the household durable goods space.


Samsung is a household name, but it also happens to be a household durable stock. The company sells everything from refrigerators to washers and dryers, as well as some appliances, like water heaters. Samsung is particularly strong in the home appliance category, thanks in large part to the company’s acquisition of the GE Appliance brand. This deal was completed in July 2018, giving Samsung a prominent place in the home appliance market. Samsung’s other big brands include Kenmore and Smart Home, which is an emerging brand in smart home technology. Like many other durable household goods stocks, Samsung isn’t cheap, but investors can still buy the stock and benefit from its long-term growth.


The household durable goods industry is one of the most reliable places to invest, especially given the recent volatility in other sectors. While the tech industry has been largely under the microscope this year, household durable goods companies have not been affected in the same way. These stocks have a long track record of steady growth and have proven time and time again that they can withstand market downturns. If you’re looking for a safe and reliable place to invest your money, household durable goods stocks are a great option.

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