Comments open for the application of the plastic resource recovery factory

By Matthew Sims

Comments are now open on a development license application from Advanced Recycling Victoria [ARV] establish a plastics resource recovery plant in Altona to convert end-of-life plastics into liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon products.

According to the development license application, ARV will lease land at the Dow Chemical site at 541-583 Kororoit Creek Road in Altona.

At a cost of $54 million, the proposed infrastructure will include a plastics preparation hangar, a hydrothermal treatment plant, reservoirs to store the products generated and a storage area for containers containing plastics.

The proposed plant will process approximately 20,000 tonnes of end-of-life plastic raw materials per year.

Also known as chemical recycling, advanced recycling helps close the loop for plastics that currently go to landfill.

Hydrothermal liquefaction technology uses hot, high-pressure water to economically transform plastic waste into a safe, stable and long-lasting oil.

The process can be used to recycle polystyrene materials, low density plastics such as plastic wrap and trash bags, high density plastics such as detergent bottles, and general plastics such as water bottles.

This is because very hot, dense water (also known as supercritical water) breaks down the long chemical chains in plastic into simpler chemicals, forming an oil similar to refined fossil oil.

Liquid products can be used as feedstock for manufacturing products in the plastics, chemical refining and asphalt industries.

The gaseous product can be used as fuel.

According to the development license application, product storage tanks will be installed at the site with a capacity of over 10,000 litres, and the proposed facility will have the capacity to store over one megalitre of petroleum products.

The application also details the process that will be carried out in industrial hangars, with the applicant feeling no odor when visiting similar sites.

Comments on the development license application close on Wednesday, September 21.


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