Dan Cake plans to launch breakfast items

When it comes to bakery items, “Dan Cake” is one of the most trusted and trusted names among consumers. Since its establishment in 2015, Dan Cake has established itself as one of the leading snack brands in Bangladesh thanks to the quality and variety of its products. After winning the trust and hearts of Bangladeshi customers with their premium cakes and biscuits for 7 years, Dan Cake is now planning to add breakfast products to its product list. The breakfast products will consist of milk breads, tortilla ruti and croissants. With these three breakfast products, Dan Cake calls this category Breakfast Solutions.

Milk bread has become an essential part of our daily breakfast, Tortilla Ruti is similar to our homemade Ruti while Croissant, a popular breakfast food in Europe, is increasingly popular with Bangladeshi consumers.

The famous Danish brand has been known for 87 years for making quality cakes. Due to its quality and taste, Dan cake is now available in more than 30 countries around the world. This new category extension will ensure a healthy breakfast solution for modern families. Like all of its other products, European recipes will be followed in the making of every Dan Cake Breakfast Solution product. Every step from collecting raw materials to packing the product will be done in accordance with international hygiene standards, which has made Dan Cake the most trusted brand. To ensure the fresh delivery of these daily consumable breakfast products to their customers, Dan Cake has also taken steps to strengthen its delivery channel.

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