For anyone starting out on their own, these cleaning tips are a lifesaver

Leaving your parents’ house and moving into your first apartment can be scary. Especially when it comes to doing all the chores your mom would normally do for you, like laundry. However, now you should figure out how to deep clean your dishwasher and so on by yourself.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only young adult who understands how to clean. TikTok creator Victoria (@vicsauce) shares in her video what she’s learned over the years about cleaning.


Wow! I learned something new here too! It’s no surprise that vinegar makes a great fabric softener, especially for towels. Vinegar is known to be an all-purpose household cleaner because it’s long-lasting and works magic on so many things. To keep your towels more absorbent and fluffy, you would use cold water and add a little vinegar to your washing machine.

However, your fabric softener is a great cleaning agent for your baseboards – apparently. Who knew? All you need to do is mix a little fabric softener with lukewarm water and wipe down your baseboards and radiator, as it repels pet hair and dust thanks to its anti-static effect.

And if you have essential oils on hand for spa days, those also work great in your trash can. Just add a few drops to the trash bag, or you can add them to a few cotton balls and place them in the bottom of your trash can. Bins that are always fresh, even when the bin is full and disgusting.

I definitely learned something new today!

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