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The advancements in laundry over the past few decades have been amazing, taking us from basic barrels that would clean at the expense of the longevity of our clothes and linens, to machines that now go out of their way to take care of our belongings. precious. European brand Beko has been at the forefront of technological advancement since 1955, and its range of laundry appliances is a prime example of this modern trend.

Beko 9kg Front Loading Washing Machine with Auto Dosing (BFLB902ADW)
None of us miss those old days of rough, energy-guzzling washing machines, and if you still have one that’s darkening a corner of your laundry, then maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Boasting a four-star Energy Star rating, this Beko washer aims to deliver the fastest and most efficient wash, both in terms of time and energy. It starts with the smart Autodose system, which takes the guesswork out of adding detergent and fabric softener to the machine by doing it automatically for you with every load. Well, it doesn’t pull bottles off the shelf, but it does have reservoirs that you fill with detergent and fabric softener, then let the machine sort out the rest for you, just refilling as needed.

Do you remember the days when you had to run your laundry through a full cycle even if it was only lightly soiled or just needed a little freshening up? Beko comes to the rescue of this waste, thanks to its ability to simply reinvigorate little-worn garments, eliminating wrinkles without subjecting them to a complete wash, via the Fast+ washing program.

Speaking of creases, there’s even an IronFast mode, which, as the name suggests, leaves shirts with fewer creases coming out of the wash, making the chore of ironing, well, a whole lot less of a chore! This is accomplished by optimizing water levels, temperatures, spin cycles and steam – it’s ever so smart.

Add Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a five-year warranty (and ten years on inverter motor parts), a choice of graphite or classic white colors, plus an eco-friendly tub made from bottles recycled plastic, and Beko delivered a well thought out and functional washing machine.

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Steam power!
Beko’s BFLB902ADW lets you eliminate 99.9% of common household allergens – everything from those carried by dust mites, cats, dogs and fungi – as well as bacteria using the hygienic power of steam. The SteamCure Hygiene+ cycle heats water up to 60°C, providing this dramatically improved level of cleanliness.

Beko 9kg Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer (BDPB904HG)
Clothes dryers are energy guzzling beasts, aren’t they? Not anymore! With its hybrid technology that combines traditional heater drying with heat pump intelligence, Beko’s BDPB904HG earned a super impressive Energy Star rating of eight. All in incredibly eco-friendly packaging that not only saves you on the electric bill, but also prevents excessive wear and tear on your clothes, towels and linens.

With exclusive RapiDry hybrid drying technology, you control the mix of time and energy, so you can dry your things when you want. You can even dry a five kilogram load in just one hour. Not in a hurry? Opt for total energy savings.

You can also say goodbye to shirts wrinklier than a Shar-Pei puppy with Beko’s IronFinish ready-to-wear program, which uses steam to cut your ironing time to a minimum, if at all.

With a ten-year motor warranty, you also have peace of mind that the Beko BDPB904HG is a dryer that’s built to last.

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Connection with your laundry
Beko allows users to control supported laundry appliances from a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, using the convenient HomeWhiz app. Using smart pairing between your compatible Beko washing machine and dryer, you can let a program assistant choose the best settings for your load, and even the exact time you want your laundry to be finished.

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