I Tried Three Sets of Hair Straighteners to See Which Did the Fastest and Best Job Before School

When it comes to getting ready for school, there’s usually little time to waste.

From sorting through breakfast to finding those shoes that disappear as soon as a child walks through the door, it’s a wonder a family manages to get to the school gates on time. .

And while boys may have a small tuft of Mr. Majeika that needs to be flattened, it’s usually girls’ hair that can take the longest.

Even when they’re older, you might find yourself tasked with helping straighten or curl them before they come to class.

That’s why we decided to try hair straighteners suitable for different budgets, to see how they performed before the school race.

First up are the cheap Primark hair straighteners at £12 a set.

Primark straightener, £12

Although they are so cheap compared to other brands, they actually did a really good job.

They took longer to heat up – around 90 seconds at the highest temperature – and don’t get as hot as the others (210 degrees instead of 230). Because of this, it took longer to straighten my daughter’s thick, long hair and I needed to separate it into smaller sections so it could do the job.

If you have a tween or a teenager who wants to try hair straighteners for the first time, perhaps for occasional use, these would be ideal as they do the job without breaking the bank and reduce the chances of getting your hair fried with it. a warmer pair. also.

Speaking of warmer pairs, the next two sets we tried – Remington HYDRAluxe S8901, £95 and BaByliss Berry Crush, £75 – both hit 230 degrees.

I pitted Primark's market against BaByliss and Remington
I pitted Primark’s market against BaByliss and Remington

The first heats up to this temperature in half the time, just 15 seconds, compared to 30 seconds for the Babyliss and every second counts when you have to go to class.

They all have fancy descriptions, don’t they – Remington’s ionic conditioning promising to ‘lock the moisture in your hair’ and BaByliss’ quartz ceramic plates promising to ‘glide smoothly through your hair without streaking’. ‘to hook”.

What they don’t mention is the noise these make when squeezed together, a “could use some oil on that spring” type of noise, which although not loud, is got rather irritating when repeated with every section of hair and right next to my eardrum.

Despite this, the end result was good, but I found the plates to be a little too narrow for the amount of hair. On my own shorter hair, however, they worked a treat and would definitely be the best pair when it comes to curling.

But it was the Remingtons that worked wonders on my teenager. They seemed to deliver on their promise to “tame frizz and add shine” and her hair stayed straight after a windy walk to and from school and even after sleeping on it.

Babyliss Berry Crush Straightener
Babyliss Berry Crush Straightener

You can choose a lower heat setting than 185 degrees to protect the hair from damage, but I think the temptation to turn up the heat is a bit too strong when the end result is so good.

They might not be the cheapest set of straighteners, but they’re not something you’ll buy often, and in my opinion, they’re worth every penny to get the job done right and more importantly, get it done. rapidly.

You can buy Remington and BaByliss hair straighteners at AO.com.

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