I’m a cleaning whiz and you wash your sheets badly, change four things to make them last longer

A CLEANING expert has revealed the four common laundry mistakes that could ruin your sheets.

Washing your sheets and blankets seems like a simple task – just put the bedding in the machine, add some powder, maybe a little fabric softener, and you’re good to go. Right?


According to Linda Barker, washing sheets isn’t as easy as throwing the load in the washing machineCredit: Getty

Well, according to expert Linda Barker, things aren’t necessarily that easy and there are mistakes that could damage your sheets.

Speaking to The Express, esteemed designer, Linda Barker said: “In my mind, the look of the bed is the most important aesthetic part of a bedroom’s decor.

“A beautifully made bed is easy to make and always worth the attention you lavish on it.”

When it comes to laundry, the prodigy warned against using complicated wash cycles — she even urged people to ditch germ-busting hot water cycles altogether.

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Avoid hot water

“Hot water is always harmful to bed linen because it breaks down the cotton (or silk) fibers and makes them brittle.

“It’s the ‘lint’ in your washing machine – (the more lint, the more mess).

“I always use an eco wash with only a hot water temperature as it will be much gentler on your laundry and the environment.”

Stop washing bedding with clothes

Linda said: “I would never put anything in the washing machine that could snag or tear the laundry, so save your usual dirty clothes, the ones with buttons, zippers and closures, for another load. separate.”

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Ditch the chemicals

It’s not just the water temperature to consider – the products you use are also worth rethinking.

Sharing her expertise, the guru urged cleaning fans to reduce the number of chemicals in each wash cycle – this will prevent damage and improve the freshness of their clean laundry.

She said: “A lot of times our washing is about removing skin and sweat rather than a buildup of dirt, so don’t be too heavy with the chemicals which can be too damaging.

“I use eco-friendly, plant-based liquid detergents and never use fabric softeners.”

Genius recommended abandoning harsh chemicals


Genius recommended abandoning harsh chemicalsCredit: Getty

Linda added that once a year it’s worth washing your bed linens without any commercial detergent, and instead add a cup of borax or baking soda.

This will benefit both the fabric and the washing machine.

Never use heat to dry

When it comes to drying your bedding, simplicity is key, according to the prodigy, who swears by drying sheets exclusively outdoors — even in winter.

She said: “Of course I will avoid rainy days, but even in winter I can usually dry things out.

“Fortunately, caring for the environment is the best approach to matching the care of our laundry so that all is well here.”

How often should sheets be washed?

“With these warm nights, I would recommend that bed linen be washed a little more often than if the nights were cooler.

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“Washing the bed linen once a week is a good habit to get into regardless of the season, if that seems like too much washing then at least the pillows and the sheet should deserve that attention.

“Your duvet cover can last a little longer, I suggest every two weeks.”

The expert swears by drying sheets exclusively outdoors - even in winter


The expert swears by drying sheets exclusively outdoors – even in winterCredit: Getty

Cleaning tips and tricks

Here are some tips to help you clean your home like a pro:

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