I’m a cleanser – stop buying hundreds of cleansers, all you need is my simple, inexpensive formula

With the recent obsession with cleaning that many people have these days, it’s easy to pack everything and buy all the products to see which is the best cleanser.

But sometimes less is more – and that’s what one cleaning fan has revealed.


A cleaning fan warned against buying so many products to clean your homeCredit: Tiktok/kami_larae
Instead, she recommended a more natural method


Instead, she recommended a more natural methodCredit: Tiktok/kami_larae

Mom Kami Larae explained that sometimes people can get carried away and buy all the cleaning products recommended by TikTok users.

“I’ve always been so gullible, believing everything people tell me about cleaning products,” she began in her video.

“You need ammonia to clean mirrors, you need counter spray to sanitize, you need to mop with this soap or wash your clothes with this soap.

“But as I’ve learned over time, you can’t believe everything you hear on TV or see on TikTok.”

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She then explained that, like many others, she had tried various cleaning and cleaning hacks, but they just didn’t work for her.

“I noticed they all left residue on my floors and counters,” she added.

Instead, she opted to manufacture her own products for a cleaner, safer alternative.

“My favorite thing is making my own counter sprays, I’m obsessed. They’re so cheap!

“Just add a few drops of your favorite herbal dishwashing liquid, a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol to sanitize, and a few drops of my favorite essential oils,” she revealed.

“It costs pennies to make and smells and cleans wonderfully.”

Following her video, many agreed with her and said they had experienced the same thing.

One person wrote: “Moral of the story, use things for the way they are meant to be used!

“I’m not going to use laundry detergent on my floors.”

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A second added: “I never liked the fabric softener in the cleaning spray, it smells good but I can’t like kneading dough without washing the counter.”

“If the chemicals were meant to be mixed, they would sell them that way,” said a third.

She makes her own spray with essential oils, water and dish soap


She makes her own spray with essential oils, water and dish soapCredit: Tiktok/kami_larae

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