I’m a laundry expert, there’s an easy way to save money on every load…and you’re also using fabric softener incorrectly

Do you feel like you’re constantly putting in a new load of laundry and need to think of ways to save the money you’re spending on each cycle?

A laundry expert has come to your aid as they revealed their top tips on how you can lower your washing machine bill every year.


A laundry pro has shared his top tips, including why you’re using fabric softener the wrong way.Credit: Getty

In the latest episode of Channel 5’s Secrets Of Your Supermarket Shop series, presenter Alexis Conran met Dr Kyle Grant, founder of the Oxwash laundry service.

As the two came face-to-face, Dr. Grant told Alexis, who co-hosts the mainstream show alongside Angelica Bell, to learn more about his ways to cut costs, as he said that he wanted to revolutionize the laundry industry.

Dr. Grant, who created an eco-friendly laundry service, explained that one of the best ways to cut prices is to simply lower the temperature of your machine.

After their conversation, Alexis explained to viewers, “Chilling your laundry is good for lightly soiled clothes.

“Going from 40 degrees to 30 degrees saves 38% energy a year, which cuts the annual bill by £13.

“Going down to 20 degrees saves 62% or a whopping £24.”

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The other big advantage of washing at a much lower temperature is that you don’t have to separate your whites from your colors, reducing the number of loads you have to do.

The laundry expert explained: “Many dyes and pigments that exist on fabrics usually only start to come out at higher temperatures.

“As long as you wash at a low temperature, you don’t really need to separate.”

Dr. Grant also lifted the lid on why people use fabric softener when they really don’t need it.

He said: “Fabric conditioner or fabric softener is an additive added to the final rinse of the process.

“It adds that really nice soft texture to your clothes, and the lovely floral scent or the softness of cotton, whatever it is that takes your fancy.

“People love that dopamine hit and fast-moving consumer goods brands have learned to deal with that with the product.

Putting your laundry cold is suitable for lightly soiled clothes

Alexis Conran

“It actually evolved around the time when washing machines were first invented and the detergents added to clean and remove stains were so harsh that items came out like paper.

“Nowadays, the technology available to clean clothes has come on leaps and bounds and has virtually made fabric softeners or conditioners obsolete.”

The laundry pro and Alexis then went through which clothes need fabric softener – and Alexis was shocked to find that there was only ONE in five.

Linen shirts, baby clothes, sportswear and even towels were all items that Dr. Grant said didn’t need conditioner, with many other clothing care labels stating not to use conditioner. Meanwhile, only the Wax Jacket has been given the green light when it comes to fabric softener.

Comparing it to “plastic wrap wrapping you in your clothes,” Dr. Grant also shared that fabric softener shouldn’t be used on baby clothes for another important reason.

He explained: “Many of the additives in fabric softeners are incredibly flammable.

“And obviously it’s very dangerous to wrap your youngster in a flammable chemical, so that’s definitely a no.”

Although he said the towels wouldn’t benefit from the fabric softener either because ironically the smell might linger.

He said: “Usually we use towels after taking a shower, a bath or even the gym.”

“The fabric softener also locks in odors inside the fabrics so the next time you use the towel, you get a nice whiff of that smell, rather than the fresh meadow.”

It’s pretty much made fabric softener or conditioner obsolete

Dr Kyle Grant

Instead, Dr Grant then said there was an essential kitchen cupboard that would do just as well and cost considerably less than the water softener, which is between £1.15 and £15, £15.

He revealed: “It’s a bit basic, and everyone will have it somewhere in their kitchen drawer – it’s white vinegar.

“Generally, vinegar is an amazing cleaning agent because it dissolves a lot of things, whether it’s dirt, grime, oil, any deposits that end up on your clothes.

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“Adding vinegar to your final rinse, say two or three tablespoons, will remove all those deposits.

“It feels a lot more breathable, a lot softer, and without those nasty additives.”

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Expert said white vinegar might work better than fabric softener


Expert said white vinegar might work better than fabric softenerCredit: Getty
Alexis and Angellica are here to help viewers connect at home with some useful hacks


Alexis and Angellica are here to help viewers connect at home with some useful hacks

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