I’m a professional oven cleaner – my “magic spray” will melt caked-on food and leave it sparkling, but people have concerns

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has wowed TikTok with a viral clip of melting oven grease, thanks to a miracle product.

But even though the oven remained clean, viewers worried about the ingredient the pro used.


Professional cleaner Tom Dawson, known as Oven Guy, has shared his miracle productCredit: TikTok/ovengleam1
Super Power Degreaser Leaves Ovens Sparkling, But There's a Catch


Super Power Degreaser Leaves Ovens Sparkling, But There’s a CatchCredit: TikTok/ovengleam1

Tom Dawson runs a cleaning service, Oven Gleam, in the UK, but fans around the world know him as Oven Guy from his mega-popular TikTok.

In a recent video, Dawson showed off his favorite “magic” product for cleaning a greasy oven with baked-on food splatters.

Moments after spraying the solution inside an oven, grime began to liquefy, seeping down the walls. A quick wipe resulted in an impressive before and after.

It’s no surprise Dawson’s supporters desperately needed to know what the miracle product was, and they begged him to reveal his trade secret.

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“I could do with some of that!” wrote one woman, while other commenters begged Dawson to come clean their homes for them.

However, after Dawson revealed the product in a follow-up post, it received a different reception.

“Screwfix degreaser is the SECRET!” he wrote, revealing a bottle of Screwfix No Nonsense heavy duty degreaser.

It is true that the super powerful product cuts through oil and grease in seconds, but it is actually not intended for use in the kitchen.

“It’s for auto parts,” wrote one uncertain commenter. “I’m not sure it’s safe for the items you cook with.”

The product description for Screwfix’s Miracle Degreaser states that it is “ideal for the workshop, garage, factory and warehouse”.

Most online reviews sing its praises for removing oil from engine parts and driveways, not ovens.

Although Dawson is a professional, it’s not clear how the average homeowner could safely apply an automotive degreaser at home, especially in a high-heat environment.

The before and after videos also did not include instructions for applying and rinsing off the degreaser.

And while Screwfix is ​​a must-have for people in the UK, one commenter was left disheartened when the miracle product was finally revealed.

“Not good if you live in Canada,” the viewer wrote after realizing the product wasn’t readily available in North America.

In the US, you can find Easy-Off Degreaser at Target for $4.99


In the US, you can find Easy-Off Degreaser at Target for $4.99Credit: Easy-Off

Fortunately, there are oven-safe degreasers on the US market similar to those used by Dawson.

Although not industrial strength, they will work effectively for cooked oils.

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Easy-Off Heavy Duty Degreaser, $4.99 at Target, is a powerful cleaner for dirty ovens.

Spray the cleaner on your stubborn grease, wait for it to activate, then wipe it off – you’ll feel like the pros.

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