I’m an appliance pro – you can save $100 on your energy bill by changing what you use in your washing machine

A SAVVY appliance expert has given people advice on what they’re doing wrong when it comes to doing laundry.

The TikTok user has revealed the one item you should never put in your washing machine and what you should use instead.


TikTok expert Renae shared four top things to save money on your energy billCredit: TikTok/rendering

Renae, who goes by the TikTok handle rendh, posted a point that went viral with over 5.6 million views.

The video began with a comment from fellow TikToker Alex Mac, who provided money-saving tips and laundry tips.

In the mesh, she said that she was not a specialist in washing machines and that one should not “follow her”.

The video then cuts to Renae, who said she was an expert and added that she was an appliance repair technician.

In her nearly three-minute post, she pointed out that most of what Mac posted was proper advice.

She then noted what she thought Mac did right and offered four clear techniques to use to get your laundry done efficiently and more cost-effectively.

1. Use wool dryer balls on dryer sheets

The pro said that “although the sheets eliminate static electricity, they do so because they leave a buildup of wax on your clothes and on your machine.”

The TikToker said wool dryer balls are a much better option because they’re free of harsh chemicals and are reusable, adding that they won’t leave any buildup on your duds.

2. Use distilled white vinegar instead of fabric softener

The expert said that just like dryer sheets, fabric softener works because it also leaves a residue on your clothes.

“So when you feel that softness on your clothes after using fabric softener — it’s not your fabric that’s softer — it’s just the feeling of chemicals and buildup in your clothes,” he said. she declared with a knowing look.

She revealed that distilled white vinegar is a much better option and will “soften your clothes because it’s a mild acid.”

She said that’s an important fact because most people use too much laundry detergent and the vinegar “will eat away whatever’s left in your clothes and allow the fabric to puff up and become softer.”

An added benefit, she revealed, is that it’s good at eliminating odors, due to its antibacterial properties.

3. Use high efficiency detergent

The expert said if you have a high-efficiency washing machine, this is the kind of detergent you should use, and she said to use no more than two tablespoons.

She observed that using the right detergent and the right amount will save you money.

4. Don’t use dish soap in your washing machine

This is where Renae disagreed with Mac, saying it’s not a good idea to use dishwasher detergent in your washing machine.

Renae said they were both worded differently.

She said dish soap creates more bubbles, which can “cause big problems.”

She added that the bubbles can cause the machine to overflow or “think it’s going to overflow” and can create problems draining the machine.

She also pointed out that soap can make clothes drier and leave soap residue on them.

She said the only reason Dawn Dishwasher Soap works to make whites whiter is because it contains blue dye.

Instead, she said, “You need a bluing liquid…basically just a blue dye…you need less than a quarter teaspoon of it and it’s been around for the 1800s.”

She received over 700,000 likes and thousands of comments.

A TikToker said: “That was so much interesting information”

Another was particularly grateful for learning the hack using dryer balls on dryer sheets.

Alex Mac also responded to the post, saying, “Omg I didn’t know that was so smart THANK YOU.”

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The TikToker says using distilled white vinegar will keep your clothes odor free and using fabric softener is best, and also says using HE detergent will save you money at long term.


The TikToker says using distilled white vinegar will keep your clothes odor free and using fabric softener is best, and also says using HE detergent will save you money at long term.Credit: Getty

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