Is the Branch Basics Cleaning Starter Kit Worth It?

You might be surprised to learn that Branch Basics really only sells two unique products: their signature soap concentrate and an oxygen booster. The company believes that these two products can effectively clean every part of your home, including your dirty clothes. How is it possible? According to Company Website, using a concentrate. Instead of mixing multiple ingredients, you simply mix the concentrate with water at different ratios in the specified dispensers included in the kit. Skeptical about such effectiveness? You are not alone, but a similar approach can be seen in Castile Soap 18 in 1 from Dr. Bronnerwhich has been booming since the 1940s.

The main selling point of Branch Basics is that its product is non-toxic and certified by Secured, making it particularly appealing to those with children and pets, or simply those who want a home free of harsh chemicals. Their soap concentrate is made with decyl glucoside, organic chamomile flower extract, coco-glucoside, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate and sodium phytate. Meanwhile, the Oxygen Booster only has two ingredients, sodium percarbonate and sodium bicarbonate.

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