Laundry tips: make your own “natural” fabric softener with household ingredients – “cheap”

There’s nothing quite like freshly laundered clothes, especially when your clothes feel soft to the touch. There are many grocery store options for fabric softener these days, but many of them use synthetic or non-biodegradable chemicals. The good news? It’s easy to make an all-natural fabric softener from the comfort of your home.

Cleanipedia’s cleaning experts have shared handy home remedies that will keep your laundry soft and fresh.

They said: “Making your own natural fabric softener is not a complicated process and has many advantages over store-bought products.

“On the one hand, it’s a lot cheaper because you only need a few key ingredients that you probably have in your store cupboard – white vinegar, for example, makes a great fabric softener.”

Natural fabric softeners are all-natural, so you’ll avoid the chemicals found in manufactured fabric softeners.

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In 1.25 liters of hot water, mix 360 ml of distilled white vinegar, then incorporate 240 ml of conditioner.

Finally, the experts say: “Use the mixture in the washing machine as if it were a commercial fabric softener – add it to the fabric softener dispenser, using 35ml for a medium load (55ml for a large load of six to seven kilograms) .”

According to laundry experts, plain old Epsom salts also do a great job as a natural fabric softener.

They suggested, “You can use the salts as is, adding about a tablespoon to your wash, but you can also mix in your favorite scent.

“Use essential oils and mix them as you like (it’s easier to mix the oils in a big batch – you’ll need 1 drop for every 20g of salts).”

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