Man earns $600 from this $50 Facebook market flip

Selling or buying used furniture is easier than ever. Especially on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace. You can get high-quality pieces at a great price, and if you’re selling refurbished furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Many people selling on Facebook Marketplace often don’t know the value of the piece they’re selling, unless they’re into furniture flipping themselves. You can totally make a profit by buying high-value coins from Facebook Marketplace or Goodwill for under $50 and reselling them for over $500. Let me show you how!

TikTok creator @cedarpinedesigns shows in his video how he flipped this mid-century dresser he bought on Facebook Marketplace for $50 and resold for $650!


How amazing is that? This project doesn’t involve a lot of chores but may require some handy tools, like a power sander and paint sprayer to get it done in no time. However, you can also do everything by hand. As this TikTok creator shows in his video, he first removes all the drawers and then cleans the surface with a degreaser (TSP Cleaner). The next step is to use wood filler to even out the surface, which will then be sanded with 150 grit sandpaper to smooth it out. The final steps are to remove the top and middle drawers for contrast by painting the rest a Laurel Woods Green (SW 7749) by Sherwin Willaims but keeping the middle drawers in their natural state. And then add polyurethane to the paint for depth and contrast. Finally, he gives it a clear polish using only polyurethane, according to @cedarpinedesigns. As you can see, the finished product looks top of the line. Which makes sense, since he flipped it and made $600 selling it! What a win-win business flipping furniture can be.

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