Reduce your laundry footprint with this reusable eco-friendly egg


TL; DR: The Eco egg is on sale for $ 34.99 (usually $ 42, now reduced by 18%) starting October 30.

Laundry isn’t exactly known to be eco-friendly. Scented liquid laundry detergent and dryer sheets may contain dangerous chemicals and emit VOCs. Not to mention that you use a ton of plastic every time you buy detergents and fabric softeners. So a respectful of nature alternative is definitely worth a visit.

The Eco egg, for example, offers a way to do your laundry without the need for liquid, powdered detergent or fabric softener. It replaces your current laundry washing system and effectively cleans your clothes using two types of natural mineral granules enclosed inside a recyclable egg. There are no harmful chemicals like liquid detergents, and it will last you up to 210 washes (or up to a year for the average family). Simply insert the mineral pellets inside the egg, place it in your washing machine on your laundry and you are good to go.

The Ecoegg comes in a package with a drying egg and a detox egg. The Drying Egg reduces tumble drying by up to 28 percent and softens your laundry in the process. The detox tablet, on the other hand, is used to thoroughly clean your machine before doing your laundry. This should remove lingering odors and the buildup of liquids or powders from previous use. In other words, you will be starting over from scratch with the Ecoegg.

The Good Housekeeping Institute honored the Ecoegg with a 2020 Getting Greener and Reducing Plastic approval. In addition, it won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for innovation. It is also certified as an antiallergic product by Allergy UK.

If you are working towards a greener lifestyle, it is worth taking a look at your laundry situation. With the Ecoegg, you can reduce the use of plastic and decrease your use of harmful chemicals – all while saving money. Get the Ecoegg pack for only $ 34.99 (regularly $ 42) for a limited time.

Yellow laundry egg

Yellow laundry egg

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Ecoegg ™ pack for 210 washes: laundry egg + drying egg + detox tablet

$ 34.99 at the Mashable Store

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