Tamuq alumni launch brand of non-toxic cleaning solutions in Qatar

Two former students of Texas A&M University in Qatar (Tamuq) developed a non-toxic detergent and cleaning products, “Environ Sustainable Solutions”, currently sold in some markets in Qatar.
Developed by entrepreneurs Aggie Arshad Ali and Safeer Hafeez, Environ Sustainable Solutions promises to provide plant-based products that are safe for families and pets, hypoallergenic, healthy, biodegradable and economical. Both completed their Masters in Chemical Engineering from Tamuq in 2021 with a Bachelors degree in the same from the university in 2019.
When Ali and Hafeez explored cleaning products available in the market, they said they found that almost all cleaning products contain harsh and toxic ingredients that can negatively affect health. Or the product ends up flowing into the marine biome and impacting the environment.
Ali said, “We wanted to develop something that was safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. Research has shown that continued exposure to chemicals in existing products can contribute to allergies, respiratory problems in children, and can affect fertility in adults. These chemicals then end up in our oceans and disrupt the marine biome.
Hafeez said, “During our final months in college, we began formulating and testing various products with consumer focus groups. And once we had the final product, we approached investors and stakeholders to take our product to the next stage. We participated in Qatar Development Bank’s lean manufacturing program to enrich our understanding on how to start the business in Qatar. Thanks to our own investments, we were able to start manufacturing. Our manufacturing unit is currently located overseas, but we hope to have one in Qatar one day.
The Environ product list includes laundry liquid, fabric softener, floor cleaner, dish soap, toilet cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and hand cleaner. The cleaners contain a proprietary blend of plant-based surfactants, enzymes and probiotics that target all kinds of stains, delivering powerful cleaning without toxic chemicals. In addition, Environ replaces synthetic fragrances with essential oils. Environ also replaces all of the toxic chemicals found in traditional products with plant-based alternatives to create a safer and healthier cleaning product.
Ali and Hafeez expressed their gratitude to Tamuq for enabling them to become entrepreneurs. “Having the Texas A&M brand behind us helped build credibility in the marketplace,” they said. “Investors and other stakeholders were willing to support our business because they knew we had the required technical knowledge and also brought the values ​​that being an Aggie instilled in us. In addition to making us highly qualified engineers, we had the opportunity to develop skills, especially in communication and critical thinking. »
The entrepreneurs plan to extend the range to more cleaning products in order to offer their customers a more complete alternative to traditional products. They also plan to start manufacturing in Qatar in the future and expand to other GCC countries.

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