“We are really lucky to be alive”


A woman on TikTok warns others about a popular laundry hack after waking up to find her house filled with smoke.

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The hack, which involves soaking small sponges in a mixture of fabric softener and water and then using it in place of a regular drying sheet, has been around for years. The hack is sometimes touted as a greener alternative to drying sheets, while saving you a few extra dollars.

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But TikTok has become known for sharing new hacks and recycling old ones, and people are pretty confident what they watch without thinking about what could go wrong.

TikToker Hailee Clarke (@ haileeclarke87) devotes her life to cleaning tips and tricks. But in a recent video, which has since racked up more than 1.2 million views, she told her subscribers to avoid the laundry hack after waking up in a smoky house in the morning after trying it herself- same.

“Hindsight is a good thing! Clarke wrote in text overlay on TikTok. “I know it’s my fault, so no need for negative comments!” It is purely to help raise awareness.

“This is the first time that I use [the hack], and I’ve never had a problem with my dryer in any way, ”Clarke said. “We were woken up this morning in the smoke-filled house – the dryer had smoked and was on fire all night.”

Clarke filmed a bucket of sponges soaked in fabric softener and water before moving on to footage of her burnt washing machine and a load of destroyed clothes.

“I’m not really sure what happened, but it’s absolutely terrifying,” she added. “We are really lucky to be alive.

Clarke also clarified in the comments that the dryer hadn’t been running all night, but the fire had apparently slowly burned inside the dryer overnight.

Fabric softeners contain warnings that they may increase the flammability of some fabrics, although it is not known how the fire started.

To make the situation even more frightening, Clarke told Insider that the smoke detector in the house needs batteries, so if her daughter hadn’t discovered the fire when she did, who knows what would have happened. to the family.

Grateful that Clarke and her family were doing well, the commentators also thanked Clarke for sharing a failed hack attempt for the safety of everyone else.

“It’s actually really brave to publish a hack that has gone wrong,” someone said. “Cleanfluencers are known to silently shut down practices without explaining the risks.”

“It’s nice of you to put this in the knowledge that you’re bound to get nasty comments,” agreed another, “just to prevent it.” [from] happen to someone else.

“The fabric softener is highly flammable! It was crazy to try, ”wrote one commentator. “But if you don’t know, you don’t know! I’m so glad you are all doing well.

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