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CHARLESTON — Ten area businesses have been honored by the state of West Virginia for their export success.

Thirty-seven West Virginia companies that grew their business by exporting a good or service to a new country in the last year were recognized at a July 13 ceremony in Charleston. Nine companies were winners for the first time.

The companies received the Governor’s Award for International Market Entry, which is awarded to companies that made their first sale in a new country during the previous calendar year.

The local businesses awarded were:

* Appalachian Log Structures, Ripley, Jackson County. Product/Service: Log house kit. Country product/service exported to: Panama.

* Constellium Rolled Products, Ravenswood, Jackson County: Product/Service: Aluminum fabrication plant. Country product/service exported to: Thailand.

* Green Loop Exports LLC, Ravenswood, Jackson County. Product/service: recycled plastics. Country product/service exported to: South Korea.

* Mustang Holdings, Ravenswood, Jackson County. Product/Service: Analytically accurate solutions in sample conditioning systems. Country product/service exported to: Singapore, Taiwan.

*Niche Polymer LLC, Ravenswood, Jackson County. Product/service: plastics. Country product/service exported to: Colombia, France, Taiwan.

* OVIS, Millwood, Jackson County. Product/service: specialized hardware. Country product/service exported to: Brazil, Russia.

* Star Plastics, Millwood, Jackson County. Product/Service: Full service labs accomplished to develop, test and compound plastic materials. Star Plastics offers high quality custom color blends (known for batch-to-batch consistency), tolling, sourcing, and polymer supply. Country product/service exported to: Italy, Mexico.

* Paul Wissmach Glass Co., Town of Paden, County Wetzel. Product/Service: Handmade sheet glass for architectural and artistic purposes. Country product/service exported to: Australia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea , Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine.

* Baron Blakeslee, Williamstown, County Wood. Product/service: vapor degreasers, industrial and precision cleaning systems. Country product/service exported to: Romania.

* Kreinik Manufacturing Co. Inc., Parkersburg, Wood County. Product/Service: Yarn Products. Country product/service exported to: Mexico, Sweden.

“Exports are a key factor in the success of West Virginia’s economy. Our small businesses are making a meaningful impact by continuing to export, and I’m honored to recognize their accomplishments. » said Gov. Jim Justice.

West Virginia’s exports in 2021 are up 37%, he said.

“This growth is further proof that West Virginia products and services continue to be competitive, not just locally, but globally,” Justice said.

West Virginia’s exports in 2021 accounted for $6.2 billion of the state’s economy.

Since 2002, more than 2,200 export awards have been given to more than 170 companies for selling products in nearly 200 countries. This year, awards were presented to companies in 16 West Virginia counties for exporting goods and services to more than 60 different countries.

“West Virginia has a very diverse economy with several thriving industries and an array of companies that have taken the next steps to export outside of the United States,” said Mike Graney, executive director of the West Virginia Department of Economic Development. “Any time a West Virginia company expands into a new market, it should be celebrated. It is an incredible achievement that contributes so much to the economy of the state.

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