You have poorly cleaned your raw vegetables

A TIKTOKER shared his tip for cleaning fruits and vegetables before eating – but it takes a little more effort than just putting them under the tap.

She said that in order to get a good cleansing, followers should use distilled white vinegar.


Woman shared video online showing her followers how to use vinegar around the houseCredit: TikTok
She said it can be used for washing dishes and cleaning vegetables


She said it can be used for washing dishes and cleaning vegetablesCredit: TikTok

Simply fill your sink or container with vinegar and soak vegetables and other produce in it.

According to the woman, this will remove wax and pesticides that may be on the surface of fruits and vegetables, which may remain after cleaning with water.

However, this isn’t the only hack she uses distilled white vinegar for.

The TikToker suggested using vinegar to deodorize clothes and lighten whites by adding it to laundry before the cycle begins.

She also says it works wonders in the dishwasher.

“This tip is especially useful for getting rid of hard water stains,” she noted.

TikTok has certainly found many uses for vinegar outside of the kitchen.

A cleaning expert shared on the social media platform that she uses vinegar for several of her cleaning needs.

Some of his tips were to pour it into a steam iron to keep it in pristine condition and spray it on your mattress with water to keep it smelling fresh.

Another person revealed that they used vinegar in place of fabric softener, which she promises will leave your laundry “fresh and fluffy.”

A third cleaning expert showed his followers that you can easily clean a microwave soiled with vinegar.

“Put two cups of water with two tablespoons of vinegar in the microwave for five minutes,” she advised.

“Once it’s done, let it sit for about three minutes with the vinegar, and the steam will make all the crusted things very soft and easy to remove.”

The TikToker also adds vinegar to its laundry to keep it fresh


The TikToker also adds vinegar to its laundry to keep it freshCredit: TikTok
Cleaning expert reveals the key to fluffy towels is to use white vinegar and avoid fabric softeners

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